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Welcome to AIR L’ORÉAL, an application made to keep beauty advisors of our Travel Retail circuit in the know by informing you about the latest news, and provided you with dedicated training and a social forum.

AIR L’OREAL is a creative work protected by intellectual property laws. It has been developed for L’OREAL TREMEA, a trading division of L’Oréal Produits de Luxe International, a private company incorporated under the laws of France, with a capital of 98040 euros, registered with the Company registry of Nanterre and which registered offices are located 106 rue Danton, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France.

The following terms of use govern the access, downloading, installation and use of AIR L’OREAL (the “Terms of use”). By using AIR L’OREAL you signify your acceptance of the Terms of use in consideration of which L’Oréal TREMEA provides you with access. From time to time L’Oréal TREMEA may modify the Terms of use, without prior notice. Accordingly, please continue to review the Terms of use whenever accessing or using AIR L’OREAL. Your use of AIR L’OREAL following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the terms as changed. If at any time you do not wish to accept the Terms of use, you may not use AIR L’OREAL.

The information contained in AIR L’OREAL is provided strictly for information purposes, and shall in no event be deemed as a legal obligation or contractual agreement of L’Oréal TREMEA, which furthermore reserves the right to modify at any time the characteristics thereof.

1. Definitions

For the purposes hereof:

"we" or "our" shall mean L’OREAL TREMEA.

"Application" shall mean AIR L’OREAL, a mobile learning tool including the Lounge as defined below.

"Application Content" shall mean the components and content provided with the Application and/or included therein (including, but not limited to the trainings, content related to the brands products…).

“Lounge” shall mean the forum developed by Codoforum and used to provide a social tool to the Application.

"Results" shall mean the User's Content as modified and/or processed by the Application or within the framework thereof.
"User" or "you" shall mean any person, aged over 18 years old, who has been granted access by L’OREAL TREMEA to the Application and/or the Application Content and/or who accesses it.

"User Content" shall mean any User’s photos, videos, text, information and other content uploaded to the Lounge by the User and/or used with the Application.

2. Access to and use of the Application

a. General provisions

In order to access the Application and to make use thereof, the User must be granted access by L’OREAL TREMEA, and be provided with (i) a personal login and (ii) a personal password which offer a secured access to the Application (hereinafter the “Access Codes”).

The right of access to the Application shall not be construed as an obligation to use the Application.

You accept that the data you submit to us and that is stored in our information systems is accurate and acts as proof of your identity. Please inform us as to any applicable change in such data.

The “Access Codes” cannot be used by another person than the authorized User. The User shall not communicate his personal access to the Application and shall ensure under its sole responsibility the confidentiality of such Access Codes.

The User will be able to change his/her Access Codes. However, the number of attempts to access Application may be limited in order to prevent fraudulent use of such codes.
Please inform us of any fraudulent use that you may become aware of. In the event of non-compliance with the rules described in these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to suspend your access to the Application. In such event we will inform you as soon as possible.
The access and use of the Application implies that you have access to internet. The Application shall be downloaded from a specific download page, the Apple Store or Google Play for which an internet access is required. No purchase is necessary as the downloading is free of charge, except for the internet connection and mobile communication fees. Currently, the Application is compatible with devices using IOS 8, 9 and above or Android 5, 6 and above. We may modify the compatibility of the Application with various versions of the operating system at any time. Access to the Internet using a mobile telephone and/or tablet may result in you incurring additional charges from your service provider. In no event shall we be liable for any network and/or roaming charges relating to updates to the Application.

Even though we try to keep the Application accessible at all times, we cannot guaranty you access in all circumstances. In fact, and in particular for reasons of maintenance, updating, or other reasons which are beyond our control, access to the Application may be interrupted.

No matter where you decide to access the Application, you do so at your own risk and subject to the obligation to comply with local laws and regulations.

b. Content provided by the Application

The Application may make certain Application Content available to you (including business information, models and content related to our products and/or brands). You recognize and accept that such Application Content is subject to intellectual property rights and/or image rights and/or other proprietary rights and is only made available within the framework of the License and in conformity with the Purpose (as defined in the paragraph below). In consequence, any reproduction and/or performance, in whole or in part, of such Application Content, or any item included therein, by any process and on any media whatsoever, for, purposes other than those that are specifically described in these Terms of Use is expressly prohibited.

4. License and Purpose

The Application, the Application Content and the Forum are made available to User under the following terms: We grant the User a personal, free of charge, non-assignable, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Application, the Application Content and the Forum for the sole purpose of providing the User with learning and sharing knowledge about the products of our brands as provided in the Application Content and/or the User Content and for the User’s own personal, non-commercial and private requirements (the “Purpose”).

You acknowledge and agree that using the Application, the Application Content and/or the Lounge other than in strict compliance with the Purpose and as expressly authorized in these Terms of use may cause harm to us and/or our licensors and/or other right holders (including without limitation the models) and you shall in this case be solely responsible for any such unauthorized use of the Application, the Application Content and/or the Lounge.

The User accepts that it has not acquired any other right, of any nature whatsoever, other than that granted pursuant to the present Terms of use.
This License shall be effective upon the User’s use of the Application (or, as applicable, when clicking on the “I Accept” (or equivalent) button located before the User’s access to the Application) and shall continue in effect until termination of the License by us. We may, at any time, terminate the License and your access to all or part of the Application without any advance notice. We may also change or discontinue at our discretion any or all of Application’s services at any time, or modify these Terms and Conditions (including the License) at any time.

5. Use of the Application

a. User Content

You may solely use and/or upload User Content suitable for the Application. You further agree shall not upload and/or use User Content and/or use the Lounge forum to create content:

You shall be solely responsible of the User Content that you upload and/or the Lounge content that you create with this Application and that are entirely your choice and your sole responsibility with respect to any third party claims relating to the use of the Results.

You hereby represent and warrant to us that (i) you own or have obtained all necessary rights and/or authorizations to use and/or upload the User Content and/or the content that you create on the Lounge, (ii) all information and/or User Content you post or submit for posting are accurate and not misleading. We notably recommend avoiding uploading photographs or videos showing recent architectural items, advertising creations, images of clothing designs in which the brand and/or trademark may appear or is recognizable. No photographs or videos showing minors shall be uploaded.

b. Application Content

The Application may make available to you some Application Content (especially but without limitation models and content related to our products and/or brands). You acknowledge and agree that such Application Contents are subject to intellectual property law and/or image rights and/or other proprietary rights and are made available solely within the scope of the License and in compliance with the Purpose. Therefore any reproduction and/or representation, in whole or in part, of those Application Contents, or of any of the items of which they comprise, on any media whatsoever, for other purposes than expressly describe in these terms of use is expressly prohibited.
Any reproduction, representation, modification or distribution of the Application Content shall be subject to our prior and express authorization. Any such request shall be submitted to us in advance at the following e-mail address:

6. Information contained on the Application

a. General provisions

We try to provide you with accurate and up to date information. Nevertheless, transmissions of data and information over the Internet not benefiting from absolute technical reliability, we cannot guaranty the accuracy of all of the data, timeliness or completeness of any information that is included on this Application.

Furthermore, we would like to stress that inaccuracies and omissions may appear in the information available on this Application in particular through intrusion by third parties. Please inform us about any error or omission at the following e-mail address:

b. Information on the products and services

Unless provided otherwise, the products and services which are presented to you do not constitute an offer of sale but a general presentation of the range of the products and services that we distribute in the Travel retail circuit in which this Application is available.

c. Training tools

The training made available on this Application and/or the method of sale tools are tools intended for beauty advisors in order to improve their knowledge of our products and brands and/or their expert professional sale method.

d. The Lounge

The Lounge is a space on the Application which permits Users to communicate with one another in accordance with the Purpose and the Terms of use of the Application. The Lounge is opened to the any User of the application. Anyone can write a topic by register it in a category.

The content of the Lounge is moderated after being published thanks to a apriori moderation made by the Community Manager.
A provided above, we shall not be held responsible for any content created by you on the Lounge or otherwise.

c. Hypertext links

There may be links that will let you leave this Application or that will let you access this Application from third party sites. Linked third party sites are not under our control and L’OREAL TREMEA shall not be held responsible for the contents of any such linked site or any link contained in such a linked site. Existence of links to other third party sites is not an endorsement by L’OREAL TREMEA in favour of such site or the products or services contained in any linked site. To the extent that this Application contains links to or may be accessed from outside services and resources, the availability and content of which L’OREAL does not control, any concerns regarding any such service or resource or any link thereto should be directed to the particular outside service or resource.

7. Personal data

We may collect your personal data, including when you: (i) register to with us; (ii) when you contact us through the Application. We may use your personal data in the following different ways:

Any personal data collected will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You acknowledge and agree that your personal data may be transferred outside of the European Union and to trusted third-party contractors and service providers who work on our behalf.

The Application may also collect anonymous statistics and crash reports which we use to improve the Application and our services.

You have a right to disclosure, correction, addition and deletion of your personal data. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details, or contact us at :

For more information about how we use your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

8. Language

These Terms of Use have been drafted in English and may be translated into the other languages available in the Application. You agree that you have read and understood these Terms of Use and have been fully informed of the rights and obligations that arise therefrom. In the event of an inconsistency between the, the English version or any of the other translated versions, the English version shall govern for any interpretation and/or application of these Terms of Use.

9. Limitation on liability and Indemnity

You acknowledge and agree that you have been informed that the Application, the Application Content and/or the Results are provided “as is” and more particularly you recognize that:

The use of the Application shall not vest any right in the User to make any commitment in the name of L’OREAL TREMEA or any other L’OREAL Group company, and/ or to create any obligation or responsibility whatsoever, express or implied, in the name or on behalf of L’OREAL TREMEA or any company of the L’Oreal Group.
Moreover, the access and/or use of the Application shall not be construed or interpreted as creating contractual relationship whatsoever, including any employer-employee relationship between L’OREAL TREMEA or any other L’OREAL Group companies and the User.

10. Term and termination

The Terms of Use shall take effect on the date on which you have accepted them and shall remain in force throughout your use of the Application. We may withdraw the Application at any time. You agree that we shall have no liability and that the exercise of such discretionary power shall not result in any payment or compensation whatsoever to you or to any other person.

11. Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction

These terms of use for the Application and our relationship with the User shall be governed by the laws of France.

Any proceedings in connection with or related to this Application or any dispute as to the validity, interpretation and/or performance of these terms of use shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of France.